Scholarships / Grants

Unfortunately, this master’s does not offer any scholarship. However, you can apply to scholarships offered by the French government and third-party bodies. Be mindful of deadlines. You may need to apply at the same time that you apply with us, often earlier! We recommend that you use Campus France’s grant database. Information about bursaries here. […]

Course requirements before October

Online statistics courses The program directors strongly recommend that you follow the following online classes over the summer (especially if you are not very familiar with statistics or biostatistics): You can also check the following link with further suggestions on the same topic: R Software For the first class, it is necessary […]

Need a job?

It would be very difficult to have a job while studying for this Master’s. The schedule is quite heavy, you will have work to complete during the week; therefore we recommend that you try gathering the funding beforehand. Note that during your internship (if in France), you will already be doing 35 hours a week […]

Accommodation in Paris

The master’s does not offer accommodation nor does it pay for it. You are responsible for the cost of accommodation. The applicants should make sure to arrange their accommodation prior to the beginning of the Master’s programme. Rent in Paris can go from 500€ to 900€ and higher, depending on what you look for.  We […]


Unfortunately, the Master’s cannot take care of visa formalities for the applicants. Do I need a visa? If you are from the EEA (European Economic Area), you should not need one, only a valid identity card or passport works, but do check. If you are non-European or not from the EEA, you must have one. […]

Steps to enrolment

‘I have been selected… What happens now?’ You have been selected, congratulations! However, to be officially enroled in our Master’s, there are several steps. Step 1: confirm Confirm you are attending the Master’s (check your emails over the summer). Make sure accommodation and visa formalities are all taken care of, for a smooth start in […]

Professional network

Students of the Master of Public Health will benefit from the vast professional network maintained by faculty members. Indeed, the Master of Public Health in comparative effectiveness research is managed at the Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics Sorbonne Paris Cité, and maintains close links with several professional networks, including the Cochrane Collaboration, the EQUATOR Network, […]

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