Need a job?

It would be very difficult to have a job while studying for this Master’s. The schedule is quite heavy, you will have work to complete during the week; therefore we recommend that you try gathering the funding beforehand.

Note that during your internship (if in France), you will already be doing 35 hours a week of work. To that, you can only add a maximum of 13 hours a week, according to French law.

The Master’s team cannot help in your job research.

Where to apply?

It may be difficult to get hired if you do not speak French. However, the CIUP may be able to help.

If you only speak English, try your luck at or

Some agencies in Paris look for native English speakers babysitters.

If you speak French well, try L’Etudiant website. Use the French format for your CV, and remember that cover letters are expected (no more than one page).

(Information about work permit here.)

Written September 2020

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