Top-level professors


The teachings of the Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research are offered by Paris Descartes University that encompasses all the fields of knowledge of human and health sciences. Its health department is renowned in Europe and in the whole world for the high quality of its training and the excellence of its research.

This is a unique opportunity to get a specialised Master in Comparative Effectiveness Research, a first of its kind in Europe, offered by top-level professors coming from Paris Descartes University, Paris Diderot University but also from the best European universities such as Oxford University, Amsterdam University, Ghent University, Medical Center – University of Freiburg, Danube University Krems, the University of Bern, Queen’s University Belfast, Manchester University, and York University.

Mike Clarke

CLARKE, Mike (Prof.)

Prof. Clarke has 25 years experience of the conduct and oversight of randomised trials, systematic reviews and other types of prospective research. His work on systematic reviews includes the central ...
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Isabelle Boutron

BOUTRON, Isabelle (Prof.)

Her research work is focused on methodological characteristics evaluation of non-pharmacological treatments, risk of bias, and the problems of knowledge and transparency of research. She participated in the development of ...
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David Torgerson

TORGERSON, David (Prof.)

Professor David Torgerson, Director of the York Trials Unit, joined the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York in 1995 and became the Director of the York Trials ...
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Philippe Ravaud

RAVAUD, Philippe (Prof.)

Professor Philippe Ravaud received his MD from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, and completed a residence in rheumatology in the Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris network. In parallel, he received ...
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Patrick Bossuyt

BOSSUYT, Patrick (Prof.)

Prof. Patrick Bossuyt is from the Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands and specialises in clinical epidemiology, systematic reviews and diagnostic tests. Prof. Bossuyt ...
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Martin Chalumeau

CHALUMEAU, Martin (Prof.)

Martin Chalumeau is a Professor of Paediatrics (Paris Descartes University), holds a PhD in Epidemiology, is the vice-head of the Department of General Pediatrics at Necker Hospital for Sick Children ...
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Romain Pirracchio

PIRRACCHIO, Romain (Dr.)

Romain Pirracchio is an anesthesiologist and critical care physician at Georges Pompidou Hospital and a researcher in biostatistics at the Inserm ECSTRA team “Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics for Applied Research” ...
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Sylvie Chevret

CHEVRET, Sylvie (Prof.)

Professor Sylvie Chevret is a professor of biostatistics. She is the head of the Biostatistics and Medical Information department at Saint-Louis Hospital and leads Inserm ECSTRA team “Clinical Epidemiology and ...
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Sally Hopewell

HOPEWELL, Sally (Dr.)

Dr Sally Hopewell’s key areas of research expertise are in the design, conduct and transparent reporting of randomized trials and systematic reviews. She has published a number of research studies ...
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Agnes Dechartres


Agnès Dechartres is a medical doctor specialized in public health. She received an MSc in biostatistics in 2006 and an MSc in clinical epidemiology in 2007 from Paris-Sud University. She ...
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Mariska Leeflang

LEEFLANG, Mariska (Dr.)

Mariska Leeflang is an assistant professor at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam. She specializes in methodological research in test evaluation. In 2008 she ...
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Matthieu Resche-Rigon

RESCHE-RIGON, Matthieu (Dr.)

Matthieu Resche-Rigon works at the Biostatistics and Medical Information department, Saint-Louis Hospital and is a member of Inserm ECSTRA team “Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics for Applied Research”. Courses in the ...
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Georgia Salanti

SALANTI, Georgia (Dr.)

Senior Researcher and Group Leader at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (University of Bern, Switzerland), Georgia Salanti has on her resume studies in mathematics, epidemiology, sociology, in Athens, ...
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Anna Chaimani


Anna Chaimani is a junior chair at Paris Descartes University. She studied mathematics and then obtained a MSc in Biostatistics from the University of Athens in 2011 and a PhD ...
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Dimitris Mavridis

MAVRIDIS, Dimitris (Dr.)

Dr Mavridis is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Department of Primary Education in the University of Ioannina in Greece. He has worked in various fields of Statistics including ...
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Gary Collins

COLLINS, Gary (Prof.)

Dr. Collins is an Associate Professor, Head of Prognosis Methodology, Deputy Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (University of Oxford). Dr. Collins was awarded his PhD on Multivariate ...
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Raphael Porcher

PORCHER, Raphaël (Dr.)

Dr. Porcher is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Paris Descartes University, and a member of the team METHODS (Methods of therapeutic evaluation of chronic diseases) of the Inserm Research ...
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Tjeerd-Pieter van Staa

van STAA, Tjeerd (Prof.)

His current research activities concern randomised trials that use routinely collected data (such as electronic health records). These trials can either randomise patients or practices to different interventions (the latter ...
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Jérôme Lambert

LAMBERT, Jérôme (Dr.)

Jérôme Lambert is a biostatistician at the Biostatistics and Medical Information department, Saint-Louis Hospital and a member of Inserm ECSTRA team “Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics for Applied Research”. Courses in ...
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Gerald Gartlehner

GARTLEHNER, Gerald (Prof.)

Gerald Gartlehner, MD, MPH is the Director of Cochrane Austria and the founding director of the Department for Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology at Danube University, Krems. He is also ...
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Gabriel Baron

BARON, Gabriel

Gabriel Baron is a biostatistician. He received an MSc in biostatistics from Paris-Sud University in 2001 and defended a PhD in clinical epidemiology in 2007 (Pierre et Marie Curie University) ...
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