Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you read our guide “before applying“, which will answer many of your questions and more!

Also check this link for plenty of information from the university:

Who can apply to the Master in Comparative Effectiveness Research?

See our “apply” page.

If you do not meet our requirements, maybe you can apply to our short diploma!

When do applications open? 

See our “apply” page. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn to not miss the announcements and deadlines!

By whom must the letters of recommendation be written?

Both recommendation letters must be written by individuals familiar with your academic and/or professional work. Letters of recommendation can be written in English or in French.

Letters should be sent with your application. They cannot be sent by post.

Where will the internship take place?

Internships can take place in France and abroad. Students should look for an internship then suggest a placement and location that will be discussed by the Master’s Scientific Committee for approval. A few internship locations will also be suggested to students who have not secured a placement.

The internship must be full time and last 6 month (maximum 924h).

Can I take the classes online? 

No, all lessons are face-to-face. Students have to complete group work every week. Attendance is mandatory.

Where to find us?

Classes take place at Columbia Global Centers, Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse 75006 Paris France.

The Master’s is managed by Professors Philippe Ravaud and Isabelle Boutron, located in a research centre. If you have an inquiry or an issue to raise, contact the coordinator.

What about accommodation or visa formalities?

Unfortunately, the Master of Public Health cannot see to accommodation, visa formalities or travel arrangements for the applicants.

Regarding accommodation, you can start by visiting the following websites: Campus France, Cité Universitaire de Paris, CROUS, Airbnb,, (under “Immobilier – Location”). We do not endorse any of these establishments and please make sure that the advertisements you reply to are legitimate.

Regarding visa formalities, non-European applicants need to allow time to obtain a student entry visa. Please contact or visit the website of the French consulate to inquire on whether you need a visa. To help with this process, we provide a letter of authorisation to enrol once the applicant has been accepted to the programme (and once the student has confirmed their will to attend). Students will receive their student card once they have done their administrative registration and paid for their tuition fees, some time in late September or October.

What about health insurance?
  • EU citizens

You can ask your health insurance in your country for the free of charge European Health Insurance Card – EHIC (Carte européenne d’assurance maladie – CEAM) . You will be covered in Europe and Switzerland.

  • Non-EU citizens

You must register to a private health insurance fund or apply for the sécurité sociale (, top left corner to change the language). You will need: an identity document, your student card or certificate, your bank details, a copy of your birth certificate (officially translated in French), a valid residence permit, and other documents depending on your country of origin.

  • All students

On this page you will find links to book medical consultations, psychological support, and more.

If you are disabled and need support, you should contact the University to know what can be done to suit your needs. Go on this page for all information: Keep us informed on the outcomes of your appointment with them.

If your internship is in France, you will need to provide proof of civil liability insurance (“responsabilité civile). If you are renting accommodation under your name, your home insurance (“assurance habitation”) should work. If not, you should sign up for one such as Make sure that your civil liability covers internships in the scientific/medical research field!

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Maybe it will be in our guide! And you can always ask our coordinator at master.admin.htd [@] !

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