What to do if you have a handicap

If you have any sort of handicap, please let us know so that we can adapt to your needs.  You should contact the University regarding this matter. For that, you will need to book an appointment through its website (they usually open early September). Go on this page for all information: https://u-paris.fr/bienvenue/en/disability/ For your appointment, I suggest […]

DU AMSRMA – Advanced Methods in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

If you do not meet the requirements for our Master’s in Comparative Effectiveness Research, you may be able to access this short diploma! This DU (diplôme universitaire, which is a short diploma) is called ‘Advanced Methods in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses‘ (AMSRMA) or ‘Méthodes Avancées en Revues Systématiques et Méta-Analyses‘ (MARSMA). Its reference code is […]

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