Gaëlle Le Moine (France), 2016-2017

Previously to this Master, I completed a Master’s degree in Sciences and Technologies for Health from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux in 2016. I wanted to learn more about the practical aspects of this field, by acquiring knowledge and tools in methodology of clinical trials and clinical epidemiology. That is why I applied for the Master of Public Health in Comparative Effectiveness Research.

This Master met all my expectations and even more. I have been able to make a link between this programme, my previous academic education, and my professional project. It was a chance to be involved in a programme with a small group of students from different educational backgrounds and nationalities (food engineer, pharmacists, medicine students or residents…), and to share all our knowledge during weekly group projects. The Master in CER programme explores all the aspects of the methodology in biomedical research. I appreciated the quality of the classes, taught by internationally renowned professors from Europe. It was a real chance to meet them and to exchange with them about their areas of interest. Moreover, this international master programme gave me the opportunity to do my internship abroad and to work in an English-speaking environment, which was really enriching from both a professional and human point of view.

Indeed my internship took place at the Biomedical Ethics Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University (Montreal, Canada). I worked in the STREAM Research Group (Studies of Translation, Ethics and Medicine) as a research trainee. My project focused on the risk, benefit and burden associated with participation in clinical trials studying VEGF-inhibition in breast cancer, and then on the analysis of citation bias in clinical reports.This first experience in research has taught me a lot about biomedical ethics issues, particularly in oncology, and has supported my willingness to work in this field.

Today, I would like to go further by applying for a PhD program, dealing with clinical research methodology in oncology. I am convinced that the Master’s degree in Comparative Effectiveness Research and my experience within the STREAM Research Group gave me a strong scientific background to complete my curriculum.

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